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    Here is a list of my favorites.

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Stephen Scott

Plain Buggies Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren Horse-Drawn Transportation

Don H. Berkebile

American Carriages, Sleighs, Sulkies, and Carts

AMISH   -  Nonfiction

Stephen Scott

The Amish Wedding and Other Special Occasions of the Old Order Communities

Lorraine Moore Back Roads and Buggy Trails:  A Visitor's Guide to Ohio Amish Country
Joseph W. Yoder Rosanna of the Amish
A mostly true account of an orphan baby brought up Amish

AMISH   -  Fiction   (Youth or Adult)

Jewel Miller Whisper of Love
C.  Borntrager Series of books:  Ellie, Andy, Annie, Daniel, Mandy, Polly, Rachael, Rebecca, Reuben, Sarah
Esther Bender Katie and the Lemon Tree
Carrie Bender Whispering Brooks Series


Published in Sugarcreek OH

The Budget - click for subscription  information


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