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No weather is ill, if the wind be still. If you have no leftovers on the table,
it will be a good day tomorrow.
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Ice in November to bury a duck,
the rest of the winter is slush and muck
In February if thou hearest thunder,
thou wilt see a summer's wonder
Evening grey and morning red,
Brings the rain upon his head.
Evening red and morning grey,
sends the traveler on his way.
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When halo rings the moon or sun
Rain's approaching on the run
Rain on Easter Sunday,
it will rain the next 7 Sundays
Rain before seven, clear by eleven When the dew is on the grass,
rain will never come to pass
If the leafs are turning up,
a storm is brewing
When the wind is from the south
the rain's in its mouth.
When cows are in a huddle, there's going
to be a puddle (or will storm).
When flies stick to windows,
it's going to rain.
When joints give you pain,
then there will come rain.
When bugs fly low to the ground,
it is going to rain.
A sunny shower won't last half an hour. Rain before seven, fine before eleven.
If it rains on Monday,
it will rain three days that week.
If it rains on the first day of the month,
it will rain 15 more days that month.
When Windows won't open,
And the salt clogs the shaker,
The weather will favour
The umbrella maker!
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Woolly worms crossing the road
are a sign of snow.
If woolly worms have thick hair,
it means a cold winter is coming.
February fog means a frost in May. Heavy fog means a lot of snow.
If the shucks on corn are thick,
it's going to be a hard winter.
For every fog in August
there will be a snow in January.
If onion skin is very thin,
mild winter is coming in

If onion skin is thick and tough,
winter will be cold and rough.

Red sky at night,
a sailors delight

Red sky in the morning,
a sailors warning
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When the cows are grazing,
it's good fishing time.
Wind in the East - the Fish bite the least.
Wind in the West - the Fish bite the best.