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Sept  2000

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Number 6



Here is some items of interest of I have accumulated over the month. The information comes from various newspapers (English and Amish), magazines, the internet, etc. I have used their wording as much as possible.

  • Rochester, IN - standardbred/riding & pony sale - September 16 - 9 am
  • Leola, PA - Clinic for Special Children Benefit Auction at produce auction - Sept. 16
  • Shipshewanna, IN - Mennonite Relief Sale - Goshen Fairgrounds - September 23
  • Gordonville, PA - Gordonville Fire Company Annual Fall Quilt, Buggy & Building Material Auction, September 23 - 8:30 am
  • Shipshewanna, IN - Carriage Auction - October 5-7
  • Liberty, KY - Galilean Children's Home Benefit Quilt Auction - October 7 - 10 am
  • Shipshewanna, IN - Dairy Feeder Auction - October 12
  • Jamesport, MO - Quilt Auction - October 14 - 11 am
  • Illinois Amish Quilt Exhibit - ends October 15, 2000 at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield, IL.  Admission is free.   217-782-7152. 
  • New Wilmington, PA - Fall Quilt Auction - October 21 - 10 am
  • Shipshewanna, IN - Draft Horse Sale - Oct. 31 - Nov. 3


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  • Chili Sauce - 24 tomatoes, 6 or 8 onions, 4 peppers, 4 cups sugar, 4 cups vinegar, 2 tablsp salt.  Cut up fine and cook till thickens.
  • Panless Pie - roll your dough in a circle.  Put fruit pie filling in center of circle leaving about a 2 inch border.   Fold the edges up and slightly over the filling.  Bake on a pan that has a lip so drips won't run in your oven.  For apple - toss slice apples, sugar,cinnamon, a bit of flour and nutmeg. Slice butter on top.  Bake at 400 for 45 minutes or until crust is brown.  Top with powdered sugar, whipped cream, or ice cream.
  • Peanut Butter Popcorn - Melt together - 1 tablsp. peanut butter (creamy), 1/2 cup sugar, 4 tablsp butter.  Pour over popped popcorn.
  • Recipes - Click HERE for this months recipes.
  • Hot Chocolate Mix Mix together:  3/4 cup sugar, dash of salt, 1/2 cup cocoa, 3 cups nonfat dry milk.  Store in an airtight container.  Use 4 tablespoon  per cup of boiling water.  Top with marshmallows. 
  • Tip:  Keep flies out -  put a Bounce sheet (outside) above the most used doors in the house.
  • Simmering Poppouri - homemade Christmas present idea - click here for directions.
  • Uses of Vinegar (continued from last month)
    Condition hair by using a tablespoon of vinegar to dissolve shampoo residue.
    Remove tough stains by gently rubbing with vinegar then wash
    (fruit, jams, mustard, tea, etc.)
    Simmer a small pot of vinegar and water solution to get rid of cooking smells.
    Relive dry and itchy skin by adding 2 tablespoon to bath water.
    Remove decals by brushing with a couple coats of vinegar, allow to soak in, wash off.

  • OH - an Amish family was seriously injured when a car rear-ended a buggy on Route 88.  The family was flown by emergency helicopter to various hospitals.  Amish injured were 26 yr. old man, 5 yr. old daughter and a 4 yr. old son.  The  79 yr. old automobile driver was cited for failure to maintain an assured clear distance.
  • PA - A growl was heard while a 12 year old was raspberry picking.    Looking up he was face to face with a bear standing on his hind legs.   The child took off running and no berries were left in the pail upon arriving home.
  • WI - A big frog picked the wrong time to visit a campout of a group of young girls.   The frog was caught and butchered and then fried over the camp fire.  Everyone got a taste of frog legs.
  • OH - New Buggy Alert Signs - Ohio is hoping to test next year a new nonelectronic device that attaches to buggies and would emit a signal to a special road sign as the buggy passes.  The sign would start flashing to let the motorists know a buggy is ahead.  Some Amish have agreed to help test the device.  The system was developed by SafetyTech and cost has yet to be determined.
  • OH - An Amish man was held up at 1:30 pm, Saturday, by two young men in a pickup truck.  The men drove past the buggy and then waited.  As the buggy approached one of the men in a ski masked demanded money and pointed a shotgun at the horse threatening to kill it.  The police are still looking for the dark green pickup.
  • IN - The popular Gasthof Restaurant and Village in Montgomery is to be sold in a foreclosure auction on August 23.  It was opened in 1989 and had been drawing around 250,000 people a year.  The Amish do most of the work at the restaurant.
  • IN - 8 people in the buggy were injured when a driver of a pickup truck fell asleep and rear ended the buggy.
  • NY - a man was hurt when a rafter fell on his head at a barn raising.  He had a gash on his head and a concussion.
  • PA - 75 folks attended the teachers class in Indiana at a farm.  There was a total of 300 beds needed for all participants.  775 suppers were served in 30 minutes.  40 ladies cooked and served.  A total of about 500 attended.
  • Lancaster County has approximately 1,500 Old Order Amish businesses.  900 of these have been started since 1980.  93% of these business owners grew up on a farm.
  • Want to become Amish?  Here is some words of advice from the Small Farm Journal written by an Amishman.  "We realize that not everyone is cut out to be one of the plain people. Many have not the opportunity; but here is the challenge: If you admire our faith, strengthen yours. If you admire our sense of commitment-deepen  yours. If you admire our sense of community spirit, build your own. If  you admire the simple life, cut back. If you admire deep character and enduring values, live them yourself."

Amish Words
  • Ordnung - oral agreement - the Old Order live by this agreement which is updated twice a year (spring & fall).
  • Deiner fursamling - ministers' assembly - a bishop, 2 ministers, and a deacon from each district gather to ponder new technologies.
  • Ich bin einich - I am in agreement
    Ich bin net - I am not

  • PA - 11 acre sold at auction for $450,000.00.
  • OH - 67 acres sold at auction for $435,000.00.  168 acres sold for $303,000.00.


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  • IN - two twin calves were born to the bossy cow each weighting 80 lbs.
  • MI - second cutting of hay produced 520 bales.
  • KY - the buyers have been flooded with red tomatoes.  They are being purchased cheap.  One grower has 50 acres of tomatoes.
  • VA - some corn exceeded 13 feet tall.
  • KY - middle of August - tobacco is being cut
  • MO - to keep coons away from your sweet corn, put a pig in a cage at each end.
  • Did you know cabbage is 91% water?
  • Numerous areas are on their 3rd cutting of alfalfa and some are on the 4th.
  • MO - the best yield for oats was 70 bushels per acre.
  • KY - a lot of the horses have bad coughs and had to be exempt from work.  One horse is recovering from pneumonia.
  • OH - workers were shocked when the field they were to harvest was robbed of 4,000 ears of bicolor corn at farm near Cleveland.  The edges of the field were untouched.   The corn would have been worth around $3,000.00.  Tire tracks where found behind some trees near the field.  Police could tell the culprits had picked corn before.

July prices - selling and purchasing for the farmer (PA prices unless noted)
Butter  $1.14 Steers  $.67 - $.73
Ear Corn    $.80 - $.95       OH - $2-$2.50 Hogs  $.34 - $.50      IN - $.44 - $.46
Straw    $75.00 - $125.00 Rabbits  4 pd    $3 - $4.50
Hay  alfalfa    $30.00 - $140.00 Vealers  $.30 - $.60
Horseradish root stock   $.60 a pound Beef Cows   $.29 - $.45
Barn Pigeons   $2.00 Eggs large   $.69
Cheese - OH  $1.17 to $1.28 Eggs medium   $.54 
Wheat - MI - $1.87 per bushel Brown eggs    $.80 - $1.00
MILK prices by area
  • MI - $10.60
  • MO - $10.08
  • PA - $9.60 up from $8.50
             $11.95 in other areas
  • OH - $10.24

LINKS   - URL's I found interesting.  URL's may or may not contain just Amish info.
AMISH Related

  • The Model T Ford required the spark plugs be cleaned every 200 miles.
  • A million seconds is 13 days. A billion seconds is 31 years.
  • The average cabbage has 18 chromosomes.  A human has 46.
  • 15% of the doctors are women in the U.S.
  • 1948 - 2.3% of American households had a TV.
    1999 - 99% have a TV.
  • According to the Dept. of Agriculture, a baby born in 1999 raised by middle income will cost $160,140 to raise till 17.  For low income (less than $36,800) $117,000.   For high income (over $61,900) $233,850.  The least expensive region is the midwest and the most expensive is the urban west.

  • To speak kindly does not hurt the tongue.
  • If happiness could be bought, we'd be unhappy about the price.
  • Joys shared are multiplied and sorrow shared are divided.
  • Don't overlook life's small joys while searching for the big ones.
  • It's good to pick your friends, but not to pieces.

You all be careful - till next month.

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