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This is information I collect over the last months. 
This was not a scientific study, so use the
information as reading material only. 
See breakdowns below.


IA 150 171
IL 29 38
IN 6 18
KY 19 17
MI 44 34
MI - different area 25% 90-95%
MO 138 58
MT 0 22
NY 54 42
OH 46 125
PA 300 236
PA - Lancaster area 65% 35%
TX  (plus two retired) 0 1
VA 15 2
WI 41 30
Canada 6 4
* - Farming includes dairy, land, veal, produce, etc. 

If their primary occupation was farming, it was included in the farming category only.  Most farmers have a side job such as woodworking, etc.

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**Other Category

Some families have two or three occupations.
Occupations included such things that follow.

Sawmill Carpenter
Greenhouse Furniture Shops
Buggy Shop Woodworking
Blacksmith Mini Storage Sheds & Barns
Harness Shop Cabinet
Craft Stand or Quilt Shop Painter
Shop Workers Loggers
Pie & Jam Business Vinyl Business
Bulk Food Shop Welders

Lantern Repair

Nylon Business

Tarp Business

Horse Shoeing


Feed Store or Mills

Book Store Butcher Shop
Pallets Concrete
Horse Training Excavting
Digger Teacher
Welding Basket Making
Suit Maker Kennel
Silo Crew Hardware Store
General Repair Milk Shipping


cowsline.gif (1950 bytes)