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May  2001

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Number 14

Here is some items of interest of I have accumulated over the month. The information comes from various newspapers (English and Amish), magazines, the internet, etc. I have used their wording as much as possible.

RIDDLE - Name a carpenter’s tool you can spell the same forward & backward. (answer at bottom)
lamp_13.jpg (1364 bytes)   AUCTIONS/BENEFITS
  • Gratz Fire Co. Quilt & Craft Consignment Sale - May 12
  • Shipshewanna IN - Haiti Benefit Auction - May 26 & 27
  • Middlefield OH - Amish Health Aid Benefit Auction - May 26th
  • Middlefield OH - Standard Breed Horse Auction - Geauga Livestock Pavilion - June 2
  • Topeka IN - Summer Carriage, Antique & Horse Auction - June 14-17

ddaffs.gif (1731 bytes) FROM THE HOME
  • TIP - making ice tea - if tea goes from hot to cold too quickly it may cloud.  Adding a bit of boiling water to cloudy tea will usually clear it up.
Recipes -- Click Here -- Apricot Gelatin Salad, Oatmeal Pancakes, Schnitz & Krepp
  • TIP - Pies - for flakier crust, brush top with cold water before baking
Egg noodles with sauerkraut -- Parboil 1 pkg. of noodles in water with 1 teasp. salt. Approx. 7 minutes. Layer 4 cups of sauerkraut and noodles starting with the kraut and ending with noodles on top. Place pork chops or sausage on top. Bake 1 hour.
  • TIP - Make your own postcards. Cut the front part of a used card. Draw a line down the middle of the blank side. Use one side for message and the other for address.
  • TIP - add a little sugar to the batter of pancakes or waffles.  Makes them brown more quickly.

  • DE - a teenage girl sat through most of the service before realizing she still had on her black bedroom slippers.  Someone lent her a pair of shoes.
  • In 1940 only about 60% of Amish teenagers remained in the faith.  Today around 90% remain in the faith.  Source:  Toledo Blade.
  • MI - Abe decided to trick his friend Daniel while out fishing. Daniel took his false teeth out because they hurt and set them on the seat.  Abe switched his false teeth with Daniels.  Daniel decided to eat something and put his teeth back in.   They didn't feel right and riled him up.  Daniel took them out and threw them in the lake saying those darn teeth never did fit anyway.  So the trick was on Abe in the end.
  • See what is needed for an Amish wedding - click here.
  • Before the later part of the 1800's, marriages by Amish and Mennonite ministers were not recognized by the state.  Most members were married in either the German Reformed or Lutheran churches because these churches conducted services in German.

  • PA - 4 1/2 acres sold for $310,000.00 and 1.75 acres sold for $340,000.00.


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MO - turkey companies are looking for more growers.
  • Tip - Plant rhubarb, onions, and snow peas.
  • TN - has 90,000 farms averaging 130 acres.
  • NY - oats have been sowed.
  • PA - tobacco production has dwindled from 21 million pounds in 1991 to 11 million pounds in 1999.  The bulk of the leaf is grown in Lancaster County.  Source:   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • The genetically engineered tobacco is guaranteeing $1.50 a pound.  Farmers in Illinois, Mississippi and Louisiana will also be growing this new crop.
  • Rabbit Repellent - Mix:  1/2 cup talcum powder and 1/4 cup cayenne pepper.   Spread the mixture where you don't want the rabbits to feed.  Repels them but will not harm them.
  • To get nasty tangles out of a horses mane and tail, use WD-40.
  • Rose facts - more than 1.2 billion cut roses are purchased in the U.S. every year.  Biggest sale day for roses is Valentine's Day.

Mar prices - selling and purchasing for the farmer (PA prices unless noted)
Butter    $.169 Fat Steers    $.70 to $.83
Ear Corn   $80.00 Hogs  $61 to $100.00
Straw     $114.00 Pigeons   $3.00
Alfalfa Hay      $50 to $190.00 Vealers    $45 to $106
Propane gas (level)  $1.27 Beef Cows    $.42 to $.45
Rabbits  4 to 6 lbs.  $1.40 to $2.00 Cheese  40 lb block  $1.36
Eggs   Large  $1.05     Medium  $.60
Milk prices by area
  • PA   Class III  $11.42    Class IV   $13.46
  • WI - $9.50 & $10.50
  • PA - $8.67
  • KY - $12 - $13
  • A newsletter reader is asking if anyone has information on an Amish buggy.  It has Miller & yodel on it, black wooden wheels and will seat 2 adults and 2 small people.  Email me and I will pass the info along.  Thanks.

LINKS   - URL's I found interesting.  URL's may or may not contain just Amish info.

In 1950 there were 1,667,231 marriages to 385,144 divorces.    The divorce rate was 23%.  In 1998 the divorce rate was 43%.
The largest buggy ever built was twice the size of a regular buggy with 80" x 88" wheels. It was built by the Anchor Buggy Co., Cincinnati OH and was used for advertising and conventions.


  • It takes 12.5 gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream. It takes 10 gallons of milk to make one pound of cheese.
  • The Bible is the number one shoplifted book in America.
  • About 10 million people on this planet share your birthday.
  • Tipping was a response to prompt service in England's tea gardens.  A small wood box was placed on the tables inscribed "To Insure Prompt Service" or tips.   If a coin was dropped in the box, you got prompt tea service.
  • The speed of a roller coaster increases an average of 10 mph when it's raining.
  • You will eat about 60,000 pounds of food in your lifetime. That is the weight of about 6 elephants.

  • Life is like a bank--neither one pays dividends unless we make deposits.
  • If you can’t see the bright side of a thing, polish the dull side.
  • Success consists of getting up just one more time than you've fallen down.
  • Learn from the dog: he has friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue.
  • The only nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others.

Riddle answer - Level - Carpenter’s tool you can spell the same forward & backward.


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