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May  2000

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Number 3



Here is some items of interest of I have accumulated over the month. The information comes from various newspapers (English and Amish), magazines, the internet, etc. I have used their wording as much as possible.


  • Indiana - Over 300 carriages were sold at the spring sale in April.  Next auction is scheduled for June 15-17.
  • At the consignment auction in Kentucky, 200 lbs. of sausage was served at breakfast and the donut stand sold 400 dozen donuts (or 4,800 donuts).

  • Mt. Zion Quilt & Consignment Sale - Rochester, IN - May 20 - 9 am - 219-721-1102
  • 31st Semi Annual Consignment Auction- Clare MI - 9 am - US10, 3 miles east of Clare.  7 rings - buggies, carriages, 170 head of horses, tractors, etc.   Flea market May 19-20.  Quilt Auction May 20. (info is sketchy - you may want to call the chamber of commerce)
  • Livingston Quilt Auction and Consignment Sale - May 27 - 9 am - Livingston, WI
  • Topeka, IN Sale - June 15-17 - carriages, etc.
  • Illinois Amish Quilt Exhibit - runs through October 15, 2000 at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield, IL.  Admission is free.  Open seven days a week - call for times - 217-782-7152.  The 150 quilts are from the Old Order Amish community and were made between 1870s and the 1950s. 
  • Make plans for the semi annual Gordonville Firefighters Auctions (Penna.)  in Sept. and March.  Several hundred amish buggies are put up for auction plus quilts, horse drawn farm equipment, horses, mules, etc.



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  • Sweet Potato Fries - peel and cut sweet potatoes as you would other french fries.   Fry in deep fat till soft and golden brown. Can sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them.
  • Homemade Moth BagsDO NOT EAT THIS
    This is not a food but an old recipe for moth bags.
    Mix together:
    1/2 cup whole cloves
    3 or 4 sticks cinnamon (broken into pieces)
    1/2 cup whole peppercorns

    Put a tablespoon or two of the mixture into small squares of muslin.  Tie with string or yarn to form small bags to hang in closets.
  • Uses of Vinegar (continued from last month)
    Remove fruit stains on hands by rubbing with vinegar. Also eliminates onion odor.
    Freshen a lunchbox.  Soak a piece of bread in vinegar and let it stand overnight.
    Polish car chrome by applying full strength.
    Cats - sprinkle vinegar on areas you don't want the cat walking, sleeping or scratching
    (more next month)
Flavored Coffee - Combine all the ingredients together.  Store in an airtight container.  Use 2 to 2 1/2 teaspoons per cup of boiling water.
  • 2/3 cup instant coffee
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1-1/3 cup sugar
Strawberry Dip - (I tried this - and it was delicious)
  • Mix:  1 cup sour cream, 1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding, and 1/2 cup milk
  • Add:  1 cup cool whip
  • Mix till smooth.  Refrigerate.  Serve dip with fresh washed strawberries.  
Click here for recipes - Fresh Strawberry Pizza - Cinnamon Tea - White Bread
Home Canning

  • The state of Michigan is having a problem with deer having T.B.  They have quarantined an area, but deer have been found outside the area with T.B.
  • In Wisconsin, around 1,000 acres have burned in a week due to the dry weather.
  • A 97 year old woman died.  She had 443 survivors.
    7 children
    39 grandchildren
    294 great-grandchildren
    100 great-great-grandchildren
    3 sisters
  • In Ohio, a 9 1/2 inch tall sponge mushroom was found.  Mushrooms are on the diner menu in many states.
  • Turkey season was successful with many getting over 20 lbs. gobblers.
  • There has been a 20% decrease in the average number of buggy accidents in Geauga County, OH since the Amish in this area have adopted the use of amber lights and reflective tape - Source:  Ohio Department of Public Safety
  • A gentleman came down the country lane hungry.  He spied a pan of squares just inside the door.  In the waning light it appeared to be white icing over chocolate chip cake.  BUT the taste did not meet up to his expectations.  He carried the pan into his wife and asked about it.  He was informed the white icing was suet and the chocolate chips were sunflower seeds over a mixture of smaller seed.  He ate what was meant for the birds.
  • Buggy accidents between 1994-1998 in Lancaster County
    201 accidents
    189 hurt
    8 killed
    131 happened at intersections
  • Michigan - In 1973 a used buggy was purchased for hauling school children.   Since 1973, this buggy has made an average of 1,000 miles per year for 25 years or approximately 27,000 miles.
  • Milroy, PA - $63 million dollars was spent on a new highway replacing a killer road but the planners forgot the Amish.  When the new route (limited access) opened. officials sealed off the old road.  An Amishman and his wife got on the new road and after traveling for awhile was stopped by a State Trooper.  He was fined $93.50, had to call for a livestock trailer $35 for the horse and buggy and had to dismantle his buggy.  No signs were posted saying nonmotorized vehicles could not enter but signs were put up two days later.  Amish letters to the state concerning the new road during planning stages where shuffled from agency to agency and then forgotten.  The state has said they will not open the old road for buggy use.



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  • TN - Saw first hummingbird Apr 6. NY - usually return first week of May. 
  • Feeders should be washed especially during the hot part of summer once a week with Clorox water.  To fill feeders:  mix one part sugar to four parts water, bring to boil and cool.  Pour into clean feeders.  There is no need to add red food coloring.

  • PA - A 159 acre farm sold for $350,000.

  • Pennsylvania - Farmers sowing alfalfa, hauling manure, not much tobacco planted.
  • South Carolina - Strawberries are ripe and ready for picking.
  • Indiana - Apr. 10 farmers have finished planting their oats crop.
  • Missouri - A draught has been predicted for the area.  Farmers planting soy beans.
  • Georgia - Carrot crop is in
  • Kentucky - Sheep sheering has been done
  • Tennessee - 2 chicken barns were filled with 10,000 hens & 2,000 roosters in each barn
  • Missouri - farmers that had to sell their milk herds,  have been clearing the fields to plant corn and soy beans.
  • Canada - Starting in 2001, cattle will be required to be registered.  This will be done by an ear tag.
  • Dairy farming
    Both Amish and nonAmish have not been able to make ends meet in dairy farming.   Farmers have had to sell their farms.  "Is there any wonder milk prices are so low?  The U.S. imported over $400 million worth of milk and cheese etc. in the past year over what they exported."
    Milk prices are paying $4.00 less than the cost of production.
    New milk pails cost $155.00.
  • Maple syrup
    Ontario - tapped 200 trees only got 37 gallons of syrup
    Michigan - Also did not have a good season for sap.  Only able to get 5,700 gallons of sap which made 100 gallons of maple syrup.
  • Missouri - 400 bison were sold at auction.  They reported high prices for the yearlings.
  • New York - A cow weighing over 2,100 lbs. was sold at the local sale barn.
  • Indiana - Horse sale had 1,031 horses selling. 
    Top Belgian gelding went for $12,500.
    Top Belgian mare - $6,000
    Top Percheron mare - $8.700


March prices - selling and purchasing for the farmer (PA prices unless noted)
Butter $1.10 Steers  $.62 - $.72
Ear Corn  $111.00 - $116.00 Hogs  $.43 to $.64
          $43.50 c.w.t - Michigan
Straw  $92.00 Rabbits  $2 - $10
Hay  $88 - $90 Vealers  $10 - $25
Propane gas (bulk)  $.87 Beef Cows $32 - $42
Kerosene  $1.27 Bull Calves  $92 - $177
Horseradish  $1.25 Fat Steers  $.62 - $.72

MILK -  prices by area
  • PA - $9.54
  • MO - $9.25 c.w.t.
  • TN - can milk $4.10 c.w.t.
  • MI - $9.25
  • Organic milk - WI - $17.85 per c.w.t.


LINKS   - URL's I found interesting.  URL's can be either Amish or nonAmish.


  • Rules of this Tavern - taken from the old book with the same name
    Four pence a night for bed
    Six pence with supper
    No more than 5 to sleep in one bed
    No boots to be worn in bed
    No dogs allowed upstairs
    Organ grinders to sleep in the wash house
  • The cost of buying one hour of airtime (Sunday afternoon) on ABC is $225,000.   In addition, it would cost you another $300,000 for the production costs.   Sunday prime time costs $1,000,000 for one hour plus $250,000 for the production costs.  Payment must be made in advance.  Hopefully you would sell enough commercial time to recoup your investment.  About half the sports programs on Sunday afternoon are done this way.  Source:  DCI newsletter


  • When a man has a "pet peeve",  it’s remarkable how often he pets it.
  • A bee does not make honey while it stings and it cannot sting when it makes honey.
  • Trouble is private property. Do not lend it out or borrow it.
  • If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy person - they will find an easier way to do it.

Take Care - Have A Safe Holiday - See You Next Month

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