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Here is some items of interest of I have accumulated over the month. The information comes from various newspapers (English and Amish), magazines, the internet, etc.


This months newsletters includes:
Auction prices Greeting Cards
Recipe Farming Info
Mishaps-Accidents Farming prices


General Trivia




Antique public auction in Pennsylvania: there were 525 bidders from 21 states. What was purchased?

Queen Ann lowboy for $20,500
Philadelphia Queen Chair for $450,000
Advertising Cigar Lighter for $3,800
Conestoga wagon made by John Landis for $52,000


3 medium sized tomatoes
1/4 teaspoon soda
1 to 1 1/2 cup milk
seasoning salt

Slice tomatoes in 1/4" thick
Melt margarine in skillet.
Roll tomato slices in flour and place in skillet and cover.
Flip slices once after about 1 minute and resume cooking until they puree. Turn down heat .
Add 1/4 teaspoon soda and enough flour to make a light paste.
Stir milk in with a whisk and turn heat higher.
Cook until this begins to boil, stirring slowly
Add milk until you have the desired consistency.
Season with seasoning salt.

Homemade bread and fried potatoes make a good accompaniment. bread.

  • An Amish couple had the misfortune of a total loss of the their home due to a propane gas mishap. With the communities help, the house was almost complete in 14 days and the couple hoped to move in on the 18th day.  Wouldn't it be great if the English system worked this fast!!!!
  • A 38 year old Amish gentlemen was killed on Feb. 23rd.  He and his son where walking on the side of the road.  A pickup truck passed another pickup and hit him from the back.  He was life flighted to the hospital but did not survive.  He had 11 children with the oldest child 16 years old.
  • Maple sap is starting to run. Manure is being hauled. Fields are slowly being plowed. Horseradish is being dug.
  • Did you know milk components are now bought separately from the farmer? These components include: butterfat, nonfat solids, protein, and other solids.
  • Quotes from the American Farm Bureau: In 1958 American families spent 22% of their income on food. In 1999 just 10.9% of their income was spent on food. How does this compare with other nations: Germany and Japan nearly 18% and Mexico’s figure is 33%.
  • Here is another comparison. What would the cost be to purchase a gallon of milk, one dozen eggs, five lbs. of sugar, one lb. of cheddar cheese, two lbs. of apples and two lbs. of sirloin steak.
US  -  $18.95 Madrid  -  $28.14
London  -  $23.19 Paris  -  $30.10
Rome  -  $27.38 Tokyo  -  $74.23
  • A move seems to be underway to put a fuel charge on the price of milk, like all the truckers are doing. Some hauling rates have gone up $.15.
February prices - selling and purchasing for the farmer
Butter $.97 Steers $.64 to $.74
Butterfat $.93 a lb. Hogs $.39 to $.54
Nonfat solids $0.0857 per lb. Rabbits $1.00 to $1.22
Protein $2.167 per lb. Bunnies $2.00 to $5.00
Solids $0.050 per lb. Beef Cows $.38 to $.70
Cheese barrels $1.10 Vealers $.25 to $.80
Ear Corn $128.00 Straw $120.00
Propane gas $1.13 Alfalfa hay $182.00
Class three milk 9.54 down $.51 from Jan and now less than the 1978 price.
GREETING CARDS - Recycle those used Christmas cards
The children at St. Judes Ranch for Children recycle used Christmas cards.
Send only the front part of the card to:
St. Judes Ranch for Children
100 St. Judes Street
Boulder City, NV  89005
GOOD LINKS - here are a few good URL's worth visiting
  • A swift may fly 45,000 miles without stopping.
  • Food trivia:  (from Bon Appetite Magazine, September 1999 )
  • 1900 - The hamburger is born
    1901 - First frankfurter in a bun (nicknamed "hot dog" in 1906)
    1902 - Pepsi-Cola Co. founded
    1903 - Milton Hershey builds a chocolate factory
    1911 - Frank Mars starts a candy company
    1912 - Morton introduces free-flowing salt
    1919 - Homogenized milk is introduced
    1920 - Eskimo Pies, Good Humor bars debut
    1921 - "Betty Crocker" is born, courtesy of Gold Medal flour
    1930 - Wonder Bread markets first sliced bread
    1935 - Pan Am serves first hot in-flight meals
    1946 - Maxwell House introduces instant coffee
    1946 - Minute Maid markets frozen orange juice
    1952 - No-Cal brand Ginger Ale, first sugar-free soft drink
    1954 - Swanson debuts TV Dinner 1964 - Introduction of Maxim freeze-dried coffee
    1986 - U.S. food makers introduce 278 microwavable products; 962 debut in 1988
  • The only nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others.
  • Let the other fellow do the talking till the storm has rolled away, then he'll do a lot of thinking 'bout the things you didn't say.
  • The person who is pulling the oars usually hasn't time to rock the boat.
Have a safe and happy month.  See you next time.



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