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JUNE  2000

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Number 3



Here is some items of interest of I have accumulated over the month. The information comes from various newspapers (English and Amish), magazines, the internet, etc. I have used their wording as much as possible.


RIDDLE - Why is a baseball team like a pancake? (answer at bottom)

  • OH - An old oil stove sold for $1,300.  4,000 hamburgers were sold at the food stand.
  • IN - at the consignment sale - the highest quilt went for $1,200.
  • OH - Health aid benefit auction - heart of roses quilt went for $1,375.
  • MO - produce auction - $17,000 gross sales the highest auction so far.
  • KY - produce auction - several hundred dollars worth of plants that were purchased were stolen from several different people.  No one was caught.
  • IN - to help with the $275,000 hospital bill for a premature baby, pizzas where made.  For every donation made, you received a pizza.
  • OH - Haiti Auction - a miniature 5/8 scale buggy sold for $15,000.
  • PA - cleaning out for a private auction, a container of their aunt's famous cookies were found.  The cookies sold for $5.25 a piece.
  • OH - Ladies baked 200 pies, 75 dozen cookies, 50 bread, 30 pans of cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls and coffee cakes to sell at the market.  Everything was sold out by evening with proceeds going for a new school.

  • Gap, PA - Benefit Auction - farm equipment, lawn furniture, carriages, horses, crafts, tools, etc. June 17 - 9 a.m.
  • Cochranville, PA - Lumber Auction - June 24 - 9 a.m.
  • Refton, PA - fire company benefit - quilts - June 24
  • Jamesport, MO - Amish Consignment and Machinery Auction - July 7
  • Intercourse, PA - public auction - carriages, sleighs, tools, antiques, etc. - July 20
  • Kidron, OH - Mennonite Relief Sale - August 5 - quilts, crafts, and delicious food.  330-857-5757 for info.



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Orange Drink - mix concentrated orange juice with water and an equal amount of 7UP.
  • Recipes for the Month - Whoppie Pies and Butternut Squash Bake - Click here
Pistachio Frozen Desert -  Mix together:  1 box pistachio instant pudding, 1 cool whip (8 oz.), 1 can crushed pineapple juice and all, 1 bag miniature marshmallows.  Put in a container and freeze.  Serve from freezer.  Can be just refrigerated.  Use a larger container of cool whip if more desert is desired.   I tried this - very good.
  • PA - fresh lettuce and radish sandwiches are being enjoyed.
  • 3 flats of seedless green grapes were bought at an auction - 34 qts. were canned.
Fried Green Beans - Boil fresh green beans in water with lid till about done (30 to 45 minutes).  Drain.  Right before ready to eat melt about 1/2 stick of oleo or butter on low and about 2 tablsp. of cracker crumbs. Add greens beans.  Stir till heated and green beans are covered with crumbs.  (good - I tried this)
Green Bean Casserole - if using fresh green beans cook till done in water.  If using a can of green beans just put in casserole with a can of cream of celery soup and chunks of cheddar cheese.  Bake until cheese is melted at 350 deg.  Stir occasionally to mix cheese.
  • Uses for Vinegar (continued from last month)
    Clean a teapot.  Boil a mixture of water and vinegar in the teapot.  Wipe away grime.
    Freshen cut flowers - add 2 tablsp. vinegar and 1 teasp. sugar for each quart of water.
    Get rid of lint in clothes by adding 1/2 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle.
    Dissolve rust from bolts and other metals by soaking in full strength vinegar.
    Relieve sunburn by lightly rubbing white vinegar.  You may have to reapply.

  • May 12th - Iowa - The Amish community had buildings damaged but no injuries were reported.  The rain and tornado damaged a big area.
  • A trio of Amishmen were building a fence when an angry mamma cow intervened.   The cow went into such an ugly stance that the men took shelter in different trees where they stayed until the cow took interests elsewhere.
  • MO - Fishing fever is high.  4 fisherman caught 175 bass, kept only 10.   The largest was 5 lbs.
  • KY - While inviting people to their wedding, the horse made a sudden turn over a bank upsetting the buggy.  The buggy top was torn off.
  • PA - A 10 yr old Amish girl tending a roadside produce stand was robbed of $120.
  • TN - The last church service was held in the Lyles settlement that will no longer exist.
  • MO - One buggy stopped for a funeral to turn.  The buggy behind him was looking elsewhere and rear ended the first buggy which was smashed beyond repair.
  • WI - a 22-1/2 pound turkey was shot.  It had 2 beards one 10" and one 16".
  • WI - 3 young adults thought the car was further away at a crossing and proceeded to cross.  The car went underneath the buggy.  The 3 were thrown in the air and injured.  Only thing left of the buggy was 1 wheel.
  • OH - There are 111 eggs in 25 purple martin nests.
  • PA - Many buggy owners of one small community have been ticketed by the police for not using the slow moving vehicle emblems.  Many trial dates have been set resulting from the tickets.
  • OH - A hen successfully hatched 7 wild pheasants eggs out of a batch of 17.
  • TX - drunk hit & run driver (who was later caught) hit buggy.  Buggy was damaged but no one was hurt.

Pennsylvania Dutch - illness terms
  • Koppweh - headache
  • Gensheidich - goose pimply
  • Ausgschpielt - exhausted
  • Gewex - goiter

  • KY - 437 farm for sale - $195,000.
  • PA - (Lancaster area) - 91 acre farm sold for $810,000.
  • PA - 12 acre farm sold for $274,000 - includes chicken house.
  • OH - 63 acre farm sold for $80,000.
  • OH - 6 acres sold for $140,000.

  • One acre of peppers during peak harvest - approx. 72 man hours per week is needed - 6,500 pounds or 3.25 tons of peppers could be harvested in that time.
  • Green bean labor - 300 man hours are needed per week - 300 bushels of beans can be harvested in that time.
  • Slugs feed at night so check for slug feeding in early morning.  A few pellets of Deadline Bullets at each plant works best for slugs.
  • TIP for zucchini selling - wear gloves so fingernails don't scar fruit.  Clean with water and soft rag or sponge.
  • MO - Alfalfa is knee high but weevils have been a major problem.  Some fields look pretty sorry.
  • KY - Most of the wheat crop is infected with the mosaic dwarf blight.
  • KY - Tobacco farmers had their quota cut by nearly 70% since the '98 crop.
  • OH - 63 boxes of pepper plants were delivered with each box holding 1,000 plants.   12,000 pepper plants were planted in an acre of ground. 
  • NY - 2,000 cantaloupe plants were put in.
  • OK - corn is tasseling and apricots are ready to be picked.
  • GA - bumper crop of vidalia onions - 50 lb. bags for $8
  • IN - milk prices are at the lowest level price in 20 years.
  • WI - a petition by local residents was circulated to stop a mega-diary that wanted to build a $26 million dollar operation.  The Governor and Dept. of Commerce had made $850,000 available to this New Mexico based firm.
  • Congress approves 15 billion farm aid(Note:  - the Amish will not accept any money from the government) .  A 500 acre corn farm would receive $16,000 and a 300 acre cotton farm would get an additional $12,000.
    Legislation includes:
    $5.5 billion in direct cash payments
    $8.2 billion into federally subsidized crop insurance program
    $500 million for soybean and sunflower growers
    $340 million to tobacco growers
    $200 million for the gov't to buy surplus commodities such as applies, onions, etc.
    $100 million for cottonseed producers
    $25 million to fruit growers

April prices - selling and purchasing for the farmer (PA prices unless noted)
Ear Corn   $102 Steers   $.69 - $.78
Alfalfa hay   $155 Hogs    $.53 - $.69
Straw   $85 Rabbits    $2.75 - $8.50
Eggs   $.65 large Beef Cows    $.35 - $.46
Horse radish  $1.25 for 8 oz. Vealers   $.37 - $.55
Pigeons   $1.70 - 2.10
Milk prices by area
  • MO - $9.25 c.w.t.
  • MI - $9.25 c.w.t.
  • IA - $9.00 c.w.t.
  • MI - $9.70 minus $1.25 hauling
  • IN - $8.75 c.w.t.

LINKS   - URL's I found interesting.  URL's can be either Amish or nonAmish.
Educational - Helpful - Interesting

  • There are 6 pounds of pennies in the average American home.
  • Old Order Amish usually speak 3 languages. 
    Pennsylvania Dutch is spoken at home.
    High German is used in worship.
    English - although not usually learned until the child attends school.
  • The Year - 1954
Average income  $3,960.00 New car  $1,700.00
Loaf of bread   $.17 New house  $10,250.00
Gallon of milk  $.92 Gallon of gas  $.22
Minimum wage  $.75 Inventions - measles vaccine & Boeing 707

  • When you sing your own praises, you always get the tune too high.
  • If you blame others for your failures, do you credit others with your successes?
  • A smile is a crooked line that sets a lot of things straight.
  • Two things which are hard on the heart are running up hills and running down people.

Riddle Answer - They both depend on the batter.


Till next month, happy buggying or

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