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Dec  2000

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Number 9



Here is some items of interest of I have accumulated over the month. The information comes from various newspapers (English and Amish), magazines, the internet, etc. I have used their wording as much as possible.


iconxtree.gif (1212 bytes)  Trivia - Name the ten human body parts that are 3 letters long.   Answer at bottom.

  • MO - Big young heavy roosters sold for $.50 each at the produce auction.
  • Topeka Auction -
    Top springer sold for $1,535
    Top cow sold for $1,400
  • Shipshewana, IN - Driving Horse Auction - December 16
  • Centre Hall, PA - Horse Consignment Sale - December 29 - 5 pm



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- putting a few apples with potatoes will suppress the growth of sprouts.

- Beat together:  1/2 cup butter, 1 cup buttermilk, 3 eggs, 1-1/2 cup sugar, 3 tablsp. flour.  Pour into an unbaked pie shell.  Sprinkle with nutmeg.  Bake 350 deg. for 35 minutes.

- Click HERE for this monthly recipes - potato lathes, funnel cake, casserole

In most states the women are trying to catch up on their sewing and mending now that canning and outside work is done.

Rivvel Soup
- Mix 1/2 teasp. salt with 1 cup flour.   Toss 1 egg lightly through flour with fork until small crumbs form.  Stir into 1 quart of scalding whole milk.  Bring to a boil and serve at once.

- Small dryer loads will dry faster if a dry bath towel is included to absorb moisture.

Cabbage/sausage Casserole
- Line baking dish with a few cabbage leaves.  Chop remainder of cabbage and layer with 2 cups diced potatoes and 1-1/2 cups sliced cooked and browned sausage.  Sprinkle with pepper and 1 teasp. salt.  Mix 1 egg, 1 cup milk, 1-1/2 cup bread crumbs and pour over cabbage mixture.   Dot with butter.  Bake 350 deg. for 1 hour.

Make doggie biscuits for your dog -

ME - while butchering chickens one had eaten a nail which poked a hole completely through the gizzard wall and was still there.  It had healed over in time and the chicken seemed healthy.

- Nuts in the shell are easier to open if you freeze them first.

Easy Fudge Recipe
- 1 box confectionery sugar, 1/2 cup cocoa, 1 teasp. vanilla, 1 stick melted oleo, 1/4 cup milk.  Mix and beat all ingredients.   Microwave on high for 2 1/2 minutes.  Remove and beat well for 45 seconds to a minute.  Add nuts or peanut butter and stir in while hot.

Most states are making fried potato chips in large kettles since potatoes had a good year.

The cookie jar -

for using Bounce Fabric Refresher:
Spray your home before company comes for a clean, fresh scent.
Freshen guest rooms, bedding and towels the day before company arrives. 
     Saves rewashing everything.
Get rid of that stale smell in your car with a quick spray.
Keep your lingerie smelling fresh and clean.
Spray in your basement once a week or month to get rid of that musty smell.
Spray your winter coats when it starts getting'll feel like you're
      wearing new clothes!
Spray your off-season clothes to keep them smelling fresh.
Freshen carpets, upholstery, furniture, and drapes.
Spray your dirty laundry so that it smells fresh sitting.
Spray your garbage cans to eliminate odors.
Spray your pets' bedding and toys - will eliminate odors.
Spray the baby's diaper bin.
Spray your clothes before you go out so you smell like your clothes
      came right out of   the dryer.

  • TN - the horse got away from the owner.  After a 2 hour search, it was found caught on a bridge with no harm to the horse or buggy.
  • A 34 point buck was shot with a bow & arrow by nonAmish.  The spread between the 2 main branches spanned 20 inches.  It is believed to be the largest taken by bow in Missouri.  Many Amish are also hunting getting, rabbit, squirrel, turkey, and deer.
  • OH - forgot to remove socks out of shoes when taking shoes to the repair shop.   Repairman sewed sock tops closed because that was the only holes he could find.
  • OH - the Marietta Amish community will be extinct shortly when the last family moves out.
  • MO - the horse shoer had one horse like he had never seen before.  The horse was wicked and tried everything to get his way.  That is one horse that went out the door barefoot.
  • MI - 2 families have whooping cough.
  • PA - A car passed the buggy earlier and when the Amish women turned the driver of the car pulled in crosswise and penned the buggy in.  The auto driver got out with a baseball bat and demanded money.  She said she didn't have any but gave him her checkbook.  He demanded money again and she gave him her wallet which only contained some change in it.  He yanked the  27 year old Amish women out of the buggy threatening to kill her and hit her twice in the back of the head with the bat.  Her children age 9, 7, 6 were also in the buggy.  The checkbook was found where this happened.  The women spent the night in the hospital and was probably saved by her hair and hat that padded the blows.  Update from one of our newsletter reader from the local paper -  the suspect in this assault committed suicide soon after this beating.  The man was 31 years old.  He was the only suspect in the case and had been identified in a photo lineup.
  • PA - in 1984 it was recorded on what was needed for a funeral of 300.
    60 lb. boneless meat, 35 lb. cheese, 1 gal. molasses, 6 lb. butter, 2 cans of coffee
    16 loaves bread, 20 doz. buns, 3/4 bushel cabbage, basket of apples for sauce
    5 lb. salt, 10 lbs. prunes or peaches, 3 baskets peeled potatoes
    Plus cakes, pudding and pies
  • Since 1900, over 250 Amish settlements have been established in nearly every farming state.  Since then the church has allowed some advancements such as business telephones in barns, plane trips in an emergency, and whatever medical care is necessary.

Pennsylvania Dutch Terms
  • Ohreweh - earache
  • Weh - hurt
  • Schtaar - cataract (eye)
  • Uffschtoosse - to belch
  • Verrenkt - sprained, twisted
  • Ringwarem - ring worm
  • Schnipser - common cold
  • Sodbrennes - heartburn
  • Waarz - wart
  • Pock - pimple
  • Wasserpareble - chicken pox
  • Zaahweh - toothache

FOR   SALE  ADS from the various papers.
  • Ad - Dried apple snitz $3.00 a pound.
  • Ad - black yearly morgan stallion $1,200.
  • Ad - Dressed organic chickens 7-10 pounds - cost $1.00 a pound.
  • Ad - Will feed your heifer at my farm - $1.15 a day to 800 lb. or $1.25 over 800 lbs.


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  • OH - Harvested where an 85 pound and a 90 pound watermelon.  Also a 1,109 pound pumpkin (squash).  Seeds from this pumpkin were sold for $1 a piece for the large ones.  Smaller seeds sold for a little less.
  • MD - Tobacco beds have been plowed, gassed, and covered with plastic for sowing in February.
  • WI - corn husking is done.  Most Amish schools in all areas of the U.S. were left out for a week so scholars could help with corn husking.  Most communities are done.
  • KS - Honeysuckle bushes are in bloom.
  • PA - it's time to dry up January cows.
  • KY - tobacco stripping has started.
  • Rosmarinus - is a pale blue dew-like flowers that is often grown near the sea.   It is a symbol of remembrance and friendship and is often used at weddings as a sign of love and fidelity.
  • WA - farming declined 6% between 1992 to 1997.  In 1997, 80% of the farms were classified as family farms but 57.4% of the farm operators worked off the farm at least part of the time.


Oct prices - selling and purchasing for the farmer (PA prices unless noted)
Butter          $1.22 Fat Steers     $.65 - $.73
Ear Corn     $55 - $70 Beef Cows    $.34 - $.40
Level Propane    $.90 Hogs    $.35 - $.48   MI - $.35 a pd
Alfalfa Hay     $210 Rabbits          $2 - $4
Large Eggs      $.79       Pigeons           $1.75 - $2.50
Medium Eggs    $.74 Cheese Blocks     $.98
Wheat     MI - $1.89 bushel Hay    MI - $2.50 per bale
Milk prices by area
  • PA - $9.75
    Class III $10.02 down $.74
    Class IV  $11.84 down $.13
  • MI - $9.00 c.w.t. down $1.85 from last month
  • IN - dropped by $1.85 a hundred
    IN - $9.75 - another area
  • MO - $9.70 c.w.t. for Class III
  • WI - $11 c.w.t.
  • IL - $11

LINKS   - URL's I found interesting.  URL's may or may not contain just Amish info.

  • It's estimated you'll eat some 35,000 cookies in your lifetime.
  • About 8,000 Americans are injured by musical instruments each year.
  • An average American family of 4 consumes almost 6,000 pounds of food per year.
  • Cake eaters - 69% eat the cake first, then the frosting.
  • In Japan, Gerber's top selling baby food is a sardine dish.
  • The Frisbee was originally named the Pluto Platter when it was introduced in 1957.
  • There is a huge salt mine under Lake Erie.  Trucks have used the underground shafts since 1920.

TRIVIA   Answers
Eye Arm Toe Jaw
Ear Leg Hip Rib
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  • If you can't hear God speaking, check the volume control of your conscience.
  • Consider the pin...its head keeps it from going too far.
  • Happiness comes when we stop complaining about our troubles and begin to be thankful for the troubles we don't have.
  • Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day.
  • The straight and narrow way has the lowest accident rate.
  • Be careful of your thoughts. They may become words at any moment.

Take Care

Have A Safe and Blessed Holiday Season

See You Next Month

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