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  • This is a consolidated list of the top two or three family surnames (most families with that name).

  • Not all communities/states sent a list.

  • Names varied greatly in various communities within the state.   The list is just for fun.

INDIANA Wickey Eicher Stolzfus
IOWA Gingerich Yutzy Beechy
KANSAS Keim Schrock
KENTUCKY Stolzfus Miller King
MICHIGAN Bontrager Yoder Beechy
MINNESOTA Bonteger Yoder Masts
MISSOURI Yoder Eicher Bontrager
NEW YORK Hostetler Miller Hershberger
PENNSYLVANIA Zimmerman Byler Hostetler
OKLAHOMA Yoder Miller
ONTARIO  Can Kuephfer Albrecht
WISCONSIN Miller Hershberger Borntreger