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1.   Where is the largest Old Order Amish settlement?                   

       a.  Lancaster PA
       b.  Holmes County OH
       c.  Belleville PA
       d.  Arthur IL



2.   The Amish arrived in the U.S. approximately?                                           

       a.  Early 1500's
       b.  Early 1600's
       c.  Early 1700's
       d.  Early 1800's


3.   In what state did the Amish first settle?                                  

      a.  Ohio
      b.  New York
      c.  Indiana
      d.  Pennsylvania


4.   Who are the Amish descended from?                                  

       a.  Catholics
       b.  Mormons
       c.  Protestants
      d.  Swiss Protestant Anabaptists


5.   In what year did they split from the home church?              

       a.  1693
       b.  1745
       c.  1565
       d.  1824



6.  After the split, this man started the new group?                   

       a.  Joseph Young
       b.  Samuel Lapp
       c.  Jacob Ammann
       d.  Eli Amish


7.   Which sect of Amish has the most members?                      

       a.  Nebraska Amish
       b.  Old Order
       c.  New Order
       d.  Conservative



8.   Who are the Mennonites named after?                              

       a.  Eli Mennon
       b.  Joseph Smith
       c.  Menno Simons
       d.  Jacob Menno


9.   The Amish began as a split-off of which sect?                   

       a.  Protestants
       b.  Swiss Mennonites
       c.  Catholics
      d.  State Church


10.  During the 16th Century Reformation and persecution,
        the followers first fled where?                                          

       a.  France
       b.  Germany
       c.  Russia
       d.  Switzerland


Last revised: June 03, 1999