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Buggy Accidents

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By permission--The Columbus Dispatch


Buggy accidents have many causes.
See my statistic charts below.

Human error

Horse error

Runaway horses

Barking dogs

Road conditions

Speeding (non-Amish)

Loud noises from motorcycles and trucks

Accidents result in property damage, injury and death.  In my opinion, the top accident cause seems to be non-Amish drivers who are either inconsiderate or in a hurry.  Many buggies are cut-off  by vehicles trying to pass and are usually hit from the rear or on the side. 

Horses sometimes dislike water on the roads, splashes from passing vehicles, loud noises, uneven roadways (such as metal and wooden bridges) etc.


PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY IN AMISH COUNTRY.  You may save an animal or human life.  Take the extra minute to get to your destination.  Thank you.



Here is some other information and links on buggy accidents.
    Article from The Lancaster Sunday News by S. Kopfinger (December 28, 1997)


My Research

I have not done a thorough research on buggy accidents, only a very general type research.  I have gathered information on buggy accidents from the newspapers, television and radio reports, so please don't take this figures as substantiated facts.  They are for information purposes only.


Previous year charts - see below.


monthapr01.gif (13080 bytes)

Total buggy accidents by month (U.S. and Canada)

areaapr01.gif (14586 bytes)

This graph is a total count by area of all accidents types
(U.S. states and Canada) .

resultsapr01.gif (13714 bytes)

People injured are mostly Amish.

Killed Amish - 19 yr old

causeapr01.gif (16173 bytes) Chart shows a total of all causes of accidents.
(U.S. states and Canada)

See category explanations below


Listed categories were, in my opinion, the cause of the accident.  Following is a clarification of some of the categories.

Truck is semi, cement, tractor-trailer, etc.

Equipment category is farming equipment or road working equipment.

Buggy means one buggy hit another buggy or a buggy hit a car.

Human Error/Other means not being able to keep horse under control.   For example:  horse turned into wrong road. turned to quickly, etc.

Noise/roadway examples:
   uneven or wet roadway
   barking dog or animal sound
   open grate bridges
   truck or motorcycle noises


Previous year totals - click here for statistics from
May 1999 thru April 2000.




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